Light duty (660‑S)

Product details
  • Patented rail profile offers more clamp force with fewer spindle turns.
  • New u-shaped sliding arm offers straight line power transmission. Great stability.
  • High-strength electro-galvanized sliding pin t-handle – rounded ends for comfort, size engineered to load capacity
  • Standard pads are field replaceable
  • Ergonomic grip is available as an accessory
  • Heat treated, high carbon Acme threaded screw – tempered and quenched to give greater load capacity with longer service life. Spatter resistant.
Order number Clamping capacity Throat depth Clamping force Approx. weight
" " lbs lbs
660-S8 8 4 726 2.06
660-S12 12 4 726 2.42
660-S18 18 4 726 2.93