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BESSEY Cabinetry Clamp, Face Frames

BESSEY introduces the cabinetry clamp. A tool that works like a second set of hands to align work and to create a solid location for drilling into face frame cabinets.

The cabinetry clamp is designed to combine the multiple steps of face frame cabinet installation into one easy process. It works on stiles 1-1/2 to 2 IN. and up to 1-1/4 IN thick (each). Face frame stiles can be tightened, aligned, pre-drilled and fastened while the clamp is held in place. The clamp holds the individual cabinet edges together while also keeping the faces along the joint flush.

There is an integrated pilot-hole drilling guide on one end. This guide flips out of the way so you can drive screws to connect the cabinets without removing or repositioning of the clamp. Professional quality installation is achieved at a fraction of the time compared to the use of more conventional clamps.

Non-marring felt pads are provided for the clamp faces and the alignment plate to protect and cushion points of contact.

Product Information:

- Aluminum alignment plate

- Steel sliding T-Bars

- Jaw width: 2 IN

- Throat Depth: 2 IN

- Maximum opening 4 IN

BESSEY. Simply better.

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BESSEY Double Force All Steel Clamps

BESSEY now offers a modular concept for the widest range of clamping applications. Add extra sliding arms or, choose different sliding arms. Available in a choice of lengths or strengths to make a clamp that suits your needs.

BESSEY offers two different rail stock offerings as well as a choice of rail lengths and accessories. Both rail stock configurations come standard with drop forged sliding arms, hardened ACME thread spindles and the BESSEY® Morpad. The SLV Series is has a 27 x 13 mm profile (1450 lbs nominal clamp force) while the GSV Series has a 30 x 15 mm profile nominally rated at 2000 lbs of clamping force.

What makes these units unique is in the available sliding arms; lever handles or T-bars as well as a wooden handled variant are available for the SLV series. As each clamp has two sliding arms and no fixed jaw you can balance workloads more effectively or, even add jaws on each rail to do multiple clamping or spreading operations on the same rail. It makes the clamp tremendously versatile without complicated tool changes. All that is required to add more arms is to unscrew the end stops and slide on the additional arm configurations for clamping, spreading or even through work pieces to reach awkward clamping locations.

BESSEY. Simply better.

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BESSEY PS Series Seaming Tools

If you want to position materials with a smooth surface well then, you require the right tools. This is exactly what BESSEY can offer with its PS130 and PS55 seaming tools. These are specialized tools that help produce a fast and professional result.

The PS55 Seaming tool

The PS55 vacuum is initiated by engaging the handle on the suction discs. Turn the ergonomic wooden handle to generate a clamping force of up to 60 lbs (260 N). The guide rods hold the seaming tool on one level for a precise finished result. Height differences which can occur when pulling together the sheets can be easily corrected with the cam levers on the guide rods.

The PS130 Seaming Tool

The BESSEY PS130 seaming tool provides craftsmen with a solution for joining materials with smooth surfaces (e.g. granite, Corian®, plastic, sheet metal, glass, and even artificial stone). Clamping force of up to 270 lbs (1,200 N) is generated with manually operated vacuum pumps. One position the suction cups (6 in adjustment range) and initiates the pump action. The vacuum can be checked by a marking ring on the pump. If this becomes visible, repeated pumping is required. To bring the surfaces together, turn the ergonomic handle. To release the seaming tool, simply press the release button on the vacuum pumps. The BESSEY all-steel rails keep the suction discs on the level, even under high clamping pressures.

BESSEY. Simply better.

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BESSEY Compact Aviation Snips D15A

The D15A Compact Aviation Snip is the first among professional hand snips. Smaller than the typical aviation snip but, they have just as much power and, at an extremely reasonable price.

The first thing that catches the eye is the unique design. At only 7-3/16 In. (18 cm) long, the D15A snip is extremely compact. With shorter handles and a compact cutter head, they are able to reach cramped places and handle the smallest circles. Even if their overall length is distinctly shorter than other snips they can still deliver a punch because of the optimized cutting angles and enhanced leverage.

Because the lock and stop are combined, they can be closed and locked with just one finger, which is easier than with traditional leverage snips. The highlight of the tool's construction is that the standard dimensions of the handle opening angle are designed to allow the full cutting length to be used. Please note: The D15A comes in left, right or straight cutting versions.

BESSEY. Simply better.

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