The one-handed clamp with a new rotating 360° handle, EHKL360

A Classic Trigger Clamp with a New Twist

Introducing the popular one-handed clamp with a new rotating 360° handle, EHKL360

The new and innovative BESSEY® 360° rotating trigger clamp is unlike anything else! The ability to optimize the handle position for clamping (or spreading) improves both clamping ergonomics and tool versatility by allowing one to position the handle optimally for each job.

With a 360° rotating handle, you can achieve strong clamping even in tight spaces or hard-to-reach spots with increased safety.

The ergonomic composite handle and easy-release trigger allow you to achieve maximum clamping force with enhanced comfort.

Whether you are a professional woodworker or an enthusiastic DIYer, the EHKL360 is a must-have for any workshop.

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The Trigger Clamp with a Twist!
The only trigger clamp with a 360 Rotating Handle, EHKL360

BESSEY's one-of-a-kind rotating trigger clamp offers many clamping solutions for woodworking professionals and DIY users. Never worry about tight or hard-to-reach spaces again! With this unique clamp, that is available in 5 sizes with a clamping pressure of up to 300 lbs, there is an EHKL360 right for you!

Versatile rotating handle.

Large clamping surface for evenly distributed force.

The perfect clamp for all your tightly spaced and hard-to-reach projects.

Ergonomic composite handle that can easily turn into a spreader – without tools.