Discover 135 years of BESSEY

What sets the BESSEY brand apart is its unique combination of innovative ideas and an unwavering commitment to quality. 
Established in 1889 as a bright steel drawing shop, BESSEY has consistently represented high-quality precision steels and cutting-edge tools.


Today, we are proud to mark another milestone in our company history: 135 years characterized by a steadfast commitment to the highest quality and innovative strength. The enduring commitment to the highest quality and innovative strength is evident today in the products and services offered by our two divisions: Precision Steel and Tool.

BESSEY is the inventor of the screw clamp, as the world knows it today. Since the commencement of tool production in the mid-1930s, we have continued the success story that began in 1889 as a bright steel drawing shop. This is proven by the hundreds of patents and even more product innovations. Through our high-quality clamping and cutting tools, BESSEY inspires the way people work. As a united team, we develop solutions that simplify everyday life for tradespeople and result in optimal work outcomes. True to the motto: "BESSEY. Simply better."


This anniversary year doesn't just belong to us but, above all, to you!

Look forward to a year filled with exciting promotions and events: we're gearing up for trade fairs, laying out the red carpet for product promotions, and unveiling exclusive special editions designed to elevate your workshop. Of course, the anniversary year is also packed with attractive competitions.

What awaits you in 2024

On this landing page you will find exclusive insights into our activities that will accompany our anniversary year 2024. We are gradually raising the curtain - look forward to the gradual unveiling of product promotions and special editions as well as special trade fair and event highlights. We are continuing the BESSEY story and invite you to experience every moment with us. Stay tuned and don't miss any of the exciting anniversary news.


The personalised anniversary clamp!

Celebrate the 135th anniversary with us at the Holz-Handwerk trade fair in Nuremberg! Exclusively for you: The GZ25-135 with anniversary handle - a real collector's item. Only 440 available, and only exclusively at the trade fair.

The highlight: We'll be laser-cutting live on site! Personalise your all-steel screw clamp to your taste. The GZ25-135 with anniversary wooden handle is available for an unbeatable €25 (€20 for pupils/students, cash only) - directly from us at the trade fair stand.

And the best thing is: With every purchase of the limited edition GZ25-135 at the Holz-Handwerk trade fair, you not only take home a unique tool, but also support a good cause. 

All proceeds from the sale will go to a social organisation: the "Wünschewagen in Ludwigsburg". You can find more information on the "Wünschewagen" website.

SPECIAL EDITION in Autumn 2024

A special edition that is unrivalled ...

Product Promotions

From March 2024

Action set with clamping tools for working on multifunction tables with 20 mm hole diameter

From April 2024

The set for every DIY enthusiast ...

From June 2024

A sporty bundle ...

Trade Shows

Dach+Holz 2024 is over

But we have a few impressions for you ... 


Inside BESSEY ...


"The last 135 years have been full of milestones at BESSEY. I look forward to looking forward to an exciting future together with you. We are determined to continue to deliver high-quality products and surprise you with new ideas.

The coming years promise ground-breaking innovations and an even stronger connection with you, the people who work with our branded products.

Let's start the next era of craftsmanship together - all of us at BESSEY are looking forward to it."

Carsten Spang, Managing Director of BESSEY